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Hot Toddy PHP Framework

What is Hot Toddy?

Hot Toddy (formerly Hierophant) is (yet another) PHP5 framework, which strives to provide a complete CMS for Mac OS X/Mac OS X Server.

Hot Toddy is hosted on Google Code, and is now available for download via subversion at

Hot Toddy's GUI Installer for Mac OS X

Download Hot Toddy Installer for Mac OS X (1.5 MB). The framework itself requires typically around 300 MB of disk space.

The Hot Toddy installer was created using Appcelerator's Titanium desktop SDK.


Documentation is a work in progress. I continue to add new documentation as I have time.

Hot Toddy API Documentation

The preceding API documentation is also available once you install Hot Toddy and can be accessed in your browser at, where "" is the hostname you use to install Hot Toddy.

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