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Mail_IMAP - How to Report Bugs

To report bugs with Mail_IMAP, please follow these guidelines.

  • Send your bugs or problem email messages to Please do not post your bugs to PEAR, I am no longer maintaining or posting improvements to the package on PEAR. Mostly because I no longer want to abide by the PEAR community coding standards (how code is indented, spaced, etc), as well as some other trivial reasons that make continued development with PEAR incompatible with how I want to proceed with the development of this project.
  • If the bug involves problems with how Mail_IMAP parses a message, send the problem message in its original form to It's important that you don't send the message as an attachment, or in its raw MIME form. The message needs to be exactly as you see it. This makes it easier to run debugging tools already in place on my server and helps to expedite a speedy bug fix. Most improtantly, I can't fix your bug if I am unable to reproduce it.
  • Aside from viruses, I do not care what your test message contains, so don't be leary of sending objectionable material. I'm only interested in finding and correcting anomolies with Mail_IMAP's message parsing methods. If a message contains viruses, obviously, don't send it. While it is unlikely that I would be infected by such a virus, the "" mailbox is provided as a live demo of Mail_IMAP on this website and I don't want users of my website to get infected with viruses.
  • Sending your test messages is important, a diverse base of messages to test each Mail_IMAP release on helps ensure its stability and quality.

Problem messages appear in the demo mailbox.


  • November 24, 2011 Ruslan says:

    Hi, Richard! Sometimes, names of files at investments aren't defined. ifdparameters=0. I have solved so: Has added in function _declareParts else section: // Force inline disposition if none is present if ($parts[$p]->ifdisposition) { $this->structure[$mid]['disposition'][$n] = strtolower($parts[$p]->disposition); if ($parts[$p]->ifdparameters) { foreach ($parts[$p]->dparameters as $param) { if (strtolower($param->attribute) == 'filename') { $this->structure[$mid]['fname'][$n] = $param->value; break; } } } else foreach ($parts[$p]->parameters as $param) { if (strtolower($param->attribute) == 'name') { $this->structure[$mid]['fname'][$n] = $param->value; break; } } } else { $this->structure[$mid]['disposition'][$n] = 'inline'; } It is correct? Regards, Ruslan

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