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Mail_IMAPv2 Part Viewer Example

<?php /** * This example provides a basic demonstration of how Mail_IMAP can be used to * view multipart messages. See {@link connect} for extended documentation on * how to set the connection URI. * * @author Richard York <> * @copyright (c) Copyright 2004, Richard York, All Rights Reserved. * @package Mail_IMAP * @subpackage examples ** */ // Use an existing imap resource stream, or provide a URI abstraction. // Example of URI: // pop3:// // // If you are unsure of the URI syntax to use here, // use the Mail_IMAP_connection_wizard to find the right URI. // Or see docs for Mail_IMAP::connect // // The connection URI must also be set in: // IMAP.inbox.php. // IMAP.message_viewer.php // IMAP.part_viewer.php require_once '../IMAP.php'; $connection = 'imap://'; if (!isset($_GET['dump_mid'])) { $msg =& new Mail_IMAP(); } else { // Call on debuging automatically. include 'Mail/IMAP/Debug/Debug.php'; $msg =& new Mail_IMAP_Debug($connection); if ($msg->error->hasErrors()) { $msg->dump($msg->error->getErrors(TRUE)); } } // Open up a mail connection if (!$msg->connect($connection)) { echo $msg->alerts(); echo $msg->errors(); echo "<span style='font-weight: bold;'>Error:</span> Unable to build a connection."; } $body = $msg->getBody($_GET['mid'], $_GET['pid']); // Use this to *not* set the seen flag // $body = $msg->getBody($mid, $pid, 0, 'text/html', FT_PEEK); // // Must also use this in the call to getHeaders above. header('Content-Type: '.$body['ftype']); echo $body['message']; // Close the stream $msg->close(); ?>


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